Summit Wine Tastings

Summit Wine Tastings is a professional wine tasting company that conducts high impact wine tastings in retail stores.  We don't simply pour wine and hope for the sale though--we present our clients' wines to customers in a friendly, enthusiastic  and interactive manner that leads to immediate as well as repeat sales.  Our innovative approach to wine tastings builds customer relationships, heightens brand awareness and explodes sales.  
Our founder, Eric Henry, has worked at some of the best advertising agencies in the country and also draws upon over twenty years of teaching and management experience.  
Eric sees many parallels between education and marketing.  For instance, all successful teachers and marketers break through the clutter and make connections with their "target audience."  In the wine aisle, this means providing a friendly, relaxing wine experience that informs and delights people.  All of our wine tasting specialists are enthusiastic and knowledgeable about wine, and they love talking about the varietals, the nose, the palate, the food pairings and all other aspects of the wine tasting experience. 

A perfect blend of laughter, information, and delicious wines allows Summit Wine Tastings to achieve amazing sales results for our clients.